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This is the first game that I have ever released outside of a gamejam. I have been working on this game for approximately 3 months and I am extremely happy with the outcome. My friend Alf Harris did art for the wyvern boss, all the player ships minus one, the rockets, the purple laser beam and the asteroids. Whereas I did the programming and most of the other sprites.

The game is basically a space shooter that requires you to have quick reactions, so you can dodge the lasers that are flying at your face. Successfully doing this for a while will lead you to many bosses that will also want to shoot you in the face. After defeating a boss you will be rewarded by being able to spend your hard earned cash on upgrades in the shop these vary from attack speed to increased duration's for your powerups.

I plan on updating the game a lot so if you have any suggestions please go to the community page and post them in the Suggestions topic.

Change Log (Latest 3 versions):

V0.06: Just a quick update for everyone, in the last update I added in some random spawning planets which people seemed to like so I upgraded the textures of the current planets and added in 3 new ones. As well as this the planets are now a random size to make the look further away (smaller) or closer (bigger) to add more depth to the game. I would like to thank everyone again for the support <3 enjoy the game :D

V0.07: First update in a long time (College is "fun" XD) This update lowers the difficultly curve significantly and reduces the speed that the orange ships shoot (A lot of people complained about that so hopefully this feels more fair) Planets now spin faster/slower based on their speed which is now random. The yellow ship has had a slight sprite change and bandits can now attack the station after defeating a boss. Sorry for disappearing for so long, as always I'm open to any suggestions.

29/10/2017 V0.08: Hello all, it's been a while. I started working on this again in my spare time, I recently started university which is going great :) I have a whole list of new features planned but decided to start off with a little update that changes the engine to GameMaker Studio 2 (Which is awesome btw) I have also slightly changed the difficulty again but don't expect it to stay this way for long *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge* You now get a brief moment of invincibility after getting hit, this also destroys some nearby bullets and I fixed the asteroids background as it wasn't showing before. Thank you to anyone who tries the update out and I hope you have a great day (>^o^)>


Buy Now$0.50 USD or more

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